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The Wisdom of Water

As long as we live we will encounter obstacles- those things that get in our way of achieving our goals and meeting our wants and needs. Our challenge is to learn how to work with these obstacles so that we can keeping moving forward continuing our growth and development as human beings. Our initial reaction to the obstacle might be to complain and resist the challenge because we resent the fact that it’s even there in the first place! The obstacle might even be great enough that it even seems impassable. But patience is key. What we can learn from water is the wisdom of patience- of taking the time to find the path over or around the obstacle. Every situation may require a different strategy, but give yourself the time to figure it out and trust that you CAN figure it out, even if that means reaching out to someone else for help. When we are inpatient, and want our obstacle to be resolved immediately (or not even be there in the first place) all we do is add our own anxiety, anger, or other painful feelings to the situation- making our experience of the obstacle even worse and seemingly more insurmountable. Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t add to the challenge. Apply patience and trust. Be like water.

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